Welcome to soberfolk

Thank you for visiting soberfolk.org. Your free membership and participating gets us that much closer to our objective of being able to offer webcam, audio and chat meetings 24/7.

To protect the anonymity of our members and in support of the 12th Tradition of AA, We ask that you join us before seeing our members.

Soberfolk is an online 12-step clubhouse whose members are attempting to offer support to each other and to provide webcam/chat real-time meetings for each of the seperate 12 step fellowships 24 hours a day seven days a week so that no matter where someone is in the world,no matter what time of day or night, that the hand of that fellowship is as close as their mobile phone, laptop or the nearest internet cafe. While almost all of the current members of this clubhouse are members of AA we support ALL 12 step fellowships.